Life Is What We Make It

Winston Churchill was almost an all-rounder- a great writer, prime minister of UK twice in 20 years, he is known for his amazing quotes almost in all fields, also an officer in the British army. He is the only British prime minister who achieved the Noble prize in literature. He was known as the British Bulldog for reasons that he had lovely long cheeks that come up along with age.

Not only his quotes but also his inspirational speeches have appeared to be inspiring to humans during World War II. It also helps inspire humans today. Today we have negativity capturing the world. Listening or reading to these speeches can help humans inhale positivity and exhale negativity not only in themselves but also other humans.


Humans who require inspiration today are the ones caught up behind bars. Every human committing a crime has a reason behind and in matters of revenge or need they commit adultery. Asking them to read such inspiring quotes can help them have a motive in life and give them a reason to live. We also have large number of humans getting addicted to smoking and drinking habits due to reasons various such as failure at work, relationships. This not only brings down their will power but their confidence too to start up again. Making use of these quotes can help humans reenergize and boost up again.


These quotes appear to be of major use during wars, not only the major ones but also the minors quarrel. Reading and knowing about these quotes help us think more positively and calm down in situations like these. A few inspirational quotes in various fields that require mention are stated below:

History appears to be kind to us, because we intend to write it

Humans take more out of alcohol that alcohol taking out of humans.

Husbands aim at poisoning the tea where as wives aim at drinking it.

A lie spreads faster around the world than the truth.

Nothing appears to be wrong with the change if it is moving in the right direction.

The only thing that matters is, try to be right.

Every human is easily satisfied with what is the best in the world.

Typing your desired field in the search engine and you receive a long list of inspirational quotes meeting your needs. One click and its all done to help make your life better.


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